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Our Motto : "...in the water, on the water,
over the water or under the water!"

Imagine boating for an extraordinary amount of time, surrounded by water, and not being able to stretch your legs, or rid yourself of cabin fever. A sandbar would be a pleasant stop, an oasis of pleasure. At low tide, it is a place to relax, stroll around, view marine life, hunt for shells, meet other boaters, have a drink on a beach chair, or make love in the privacy of your own private island made of sand.

What would our planet be like if it weren’t for those wonderful sandbars we can enjoy? As a catamaran sailor, I have had the most wonderful and memorable moments hopping from sandbar to sandbar in Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida. With a cooler full of rum punch, singing to Jimmy Buffet songs and in the company of good friends, a sandbar is paradise. I watch for the low tide of the day, and off I sail. I also enjoy the comraderie amongst other boaters I meet at the sandbars I visit.

If you enjoy this planet’s beautiful bodies of water, and all that comes with it, or would like to promote the sandbars in your area, feel free to submit pictures and the sandbar’s location, wherever it may be. Other boaters, sailors, windsurfers or kayakers could discover a new little piece of sand that emerges like a mirage in the desert.

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