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Springing in a tight spot...

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it's seem like every single boat is out the water leaving only one tight spot at your favorite dock and the wind is blowing from the dock and there are a bunch people watching and taking bets on your odds to making it in... Know that feeling ?

No problem... all you need is a spring line ! Tie a line to your midship cleat, or even to your bow cleat, and approach the dock at a an angle, bow into the wind. When close enough, throw the line on the dock while holding the bitter end and catch a cleat. It may take a little practice but you don't have to be a lasso expert cowboy to make it... Or if you really can throw a line, use a long telescoping hook ! Once the line is around the dockside cleat, tie the bitter end of the line back to the cleat on your boat.

Now all you have to do is put the boat is slow forward with the rudders hard over away from the dock. That will bring the boat alongside with no drama and without scaring the guys in front and behind your boat... With a little practice you can safely come in a space barely longer than your own boat, the key is to to set the line correctly so that your boat cant' get any closer to the boat ahead than you have to.

If someone is on the dock to grab the line, it's even easier, if that's the case, you may want to give them the loop so that YOU can adjust the line from the boat...