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It's all about Courtesy! Or lack of...

Courtesy... a specie far more endangered than the manatee or the Gloucester golden spotted pelican ! Are you a courteous boater ? if you don't recognize yourself in the following character, you probably are...

Mr my-wake-doesn't-roll

yes, your wake... that 2' or 3' wake you are leaving behind as you go through this peaceful anchorage. Can't you just slow down a little, is being on the water so bad that you can't wait to get back home ? Forget the "no wake zone" sign, it's not just about the rules and posting signs everywhere, it's about courtesy and safety. If you are going through a cove where boats are anchored, take it slow... you may think that the wake of your 25' boat ins't going to affect a larger boat but it will and can even cause damage if a boat or tender is rafted up on the other side. And have you considered that somebody may be swimming, getting up on a stern ladder and could get hurt by just a 2' wake.

Mr Megasound

Ok, so got yourself a nice sound system, that's fine, but why don't you realize that not everyone enjoys the latest from la sambada chiquita or from dog snoopy cool rapper ! Funny how those with the loudest sound systems usually have the worst taste in music... If your "music" can be heard over on the next boat, it is too loud.

The Anchor Blocker

It's beautiful sunday afternoon in your favorite anchorage, the water is warm, you're enjoying the day and out of nowhere comes this boat who decides to drop anchor 100' off your bow even though there plenty of room everywhere. Apparently it's too hard to figure out what by the time he pays out scope and falls back he's going to be not only close enough to chit chat but also right on top of your anchor so if you leave first you have to maneuver around...

The Dock Hog

Yes, you over there who just tied up a 30' boat in the middle of a 70' space leaving no room for anyone... and don't play deaf when someone asks you to please move up a little. You are hogging that public dock, let's try to share.

There is another type of dock hog, the guy who just finished fueling on a busy sunday and then takes 10 minutes to get his act together and leave so that one of the five boats waiting can refuel.

The Autopiloter

Ever notice how some guys will pass you within half a boat length, usually throwing a huge wake, when they have plenty of room to alter course ? it's like pressing a switch on the autopilot is so difficult ...

The Mosquitoe

They're pretty small, they make a very annoying buzzing sound, they circle around at high speed... they are also known by the acronym P-W-C also can come in slightly larger variant, the small boat pulling a tube or wakeboarder.