- Luxury Charter Yachts -
Experience Biscayne Bay, the Florida Keys or the Bahamas on your own yacht! Numerous options, itineraries and all inclusive packages available.

- Captain Services -

  • Do you need to move your boat or yacht from one marina or area to another?
    With over 25 years experience on the water, I can safely deliver your vessel to its destination, whether you need to move it across the state or up and down the coast in the spring or fall

  • Are you about to buy a yacht and need to bring it home but can't spare the time or feel your new yacht is a big step up?
    We can tailor your delivery to include on-the-water instruction and help you learn your vessel if she is new to you.

  • Do you have a yacht you would like to charter?
    Why let your boat or yacht stay in her slip while she could be in the hands of a professional captain and capitalize on your investment.

  • Do you need some training to build up your confidence?
    Are you afraid to use your boat on a windy day or do you get that worry in the back of your mind about docking at your favorite restaurant? It only takes a few hours with a professional to learn the right tricks to handle virtually any size boat like a pro (see our training page for courses).

  • Do you want to enjoy your yacht and guests without worries?
    Why worry about not paying attention to your guests or worse, about a costly BUI offense when you can hire a captain to run the boat while you enjoy your party.

  • Are you looking to buy a larger boat or yacht and feel you need to help?
    While boat shopping is fun, it can also be confusing... The services of a captain will make the process easier and less risky. Reviewing and pre inspecting prospective boats or yachts can save you a lot of money by ensuring you buy the right boat for your needs and you don't survey vessels that are not even worth surveying...

    Please email me at to discuss your needs.



About myself...

100 ton USCG master licence.

I am a boater at heart, who loves being out on the water; I enjoy sharing this passion with others and help them get the most out of their boating experience. I have 25 years experience on the water operating boats up to 80'+; my current personal boat is a Hatteras 53 Motoryacht on which Iive aboard full time and which I routinely operate singlehanded. I have cruised the waters of South Florida and the Keys as well as the ICW up to New England, the Gulf coast and parts of the Caribbean and the Bahamas. I am also a commercial pilot (multi engine / instrument).

For information, email or call (305) 323 9894